Muddy Fork


We took a short break for about 6 weeks so I could have legs to race my bike around Mt. Tabor. That didn’t go so well, but at least it’s over now. We missed the bulk of the high elevation wildflowers but I wanted to head up towards Mt. Hood regardless. This hike wasn’t as alpine as I had hoped, but it was a good sampler; forests, meadows, views, and glacial melt. I would have liked to go farther, but the creek was too high.

2015-07-14 17.02.46-2

2015-07-14 17.06.54

2015-07-14 18.26.28

2015-07-14 18.36.50

2015-07-14 18.40.35

2015-07-14 18.42.31

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5.5 mi

hrs 8 min
Moving Time

41:01 min/mi
  • hrs 45 min
    Total Time
  • 36 min
    Stopped Time
  • 1.7 mph
    Moving Speed
  • 1.5 mph
    Avg Speed
  • 736 ft
  • 666 ft

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