Cascade Head 2016

Trail Running

Yeah that happened.

Neither of could run to save our lives, but we ran from the top, down through the switchbacks to get out of the blowing rain, about 0.6 miles and 600 vertical feet.

The wind up top (and most of the way up and down) was probably in the 20+ mph range. Enough to cause us to lose our balance at times. I know just about everyone overestimates the wind speed, so I’ve guessed it pretty reasonably in my opinion. I’ve also held a wind gauge up into the wind plenty of times to make a decent guess.

The first bit of the hike was really wonderful and the last part was too. I think we were just out in the open for the worst squall of the day.

It was still a very nice hike.





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  • 4.9 mi
  • 1 hrs 54 min
    Moving Time
  • 2 hrs 20 min
    Total Time
  • 2.6 mph
    Moving Speed
  • 2.1 mph
    Avg Speed
  • 28:26 min/mi
  • 26 min
    Stopped Time
  • 1435 ft
  • 1464 ft

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